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When an employee is injured in the course and scope of their employment by an anticipated and foreseeable risk of that employment, they become eligible for benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act. Different benefits are available under the act. This is an overview of the major benefits.

Medical Coverage
Any reasonable and necessary hospital and medical bills incurred by the injured employee for diagnosing and treating the injuries they sustained as a result of their accident are to be paid by the employer. Only generally accepted medical services will be paid. Those might consist of doctor’s visits, surgeries, medication and rehabilitation. The law is different from state to state on whether the injured person is required to see doctors chosen by the employer.

Temporary Disability
A short time after the injured employee is unable to work, they become eligible for temporary total disability payments. This is a sum of money paid to them during their period of disability that is equal to a percentage of their weekly earnings up to a specified sum.

Permanent Disability
There are two types of permanent disability. The first is permanent partial disability where injuries sustained in the work related accident are permanent, but the person’s ability to work is only partially impaired. The second is permanent total disability when a person can never return to work at their former job or a similar job. In either case, tuition or job retraining benefits might be payable to help a person obtain other employment.

Other benefits are available under the workers’ compensation statute, particularly if a death resulted from an on the job accident. Knowledgeable and experienced workers’ compensation lawyers need to be consulted whenever somebody is hurt at work.

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