Coral Gables, FL Hit and Run Attorney

If you have been involved in a hit and run with an uninsured motorist contact Action Jackson Law Firm right away. You can’t make a claim against a driver who doesn’t have car insurance, but you can submit a claim to your insurance company.

Get what you deserve. You are entitled to medical treatment, lost wages, and recovery. If your insurance runs out and you cannot go to work you need to be compensated.

We know this is a trying time, but we can help you fight back! Talk to someone who is on your side.

When you are a victim in a hit and run accident it can quickly become stressful and overwhelming, especially when the individual who hit you has fled the scene. Understanding the necessary steps to take any time you are involved in a hit and run is essential to get the assistance you require when you are injured or have damaged property as a result.

Call Authorities Immediately

Any time you are in a hit and run accident it is imperative to contact authorities while calling for medical attention immediately. Documenting the incident with a police report and gathering hospital records is essential when seeking compensation or looking to pursue further charges.

Get Photo and Video Evidence

Be sure to take photographic and video evidence of the crime scene you are involved in as quickly as possible. Take photos of your vehicle, injuries you have sustained and any possible images of the car who was also involved as the culprit. The more visual evidence you have the easier it is to prove your case once it goes to court.

Gather Eyewitness Reports

Whenever you are the victim of a hit and run accident it is imperative to gather eyewitness reports if possible. Ask for written statements from passersby and those who were also at the scene when the accident occurred. Collecting eyewitness reports is not only a way to help prove your case in court and in front of a judge but it is also a method of determining the individual who is at fault for the accident itself.

Contact a Professional Attorney

Contacting a professional attorney who specializes in hit and run accidents is a way for you to gain insight into the options you have.  Jackson Lianes will work to get you the compensation you deserve to resume living a normal life. Be sure to organize all paperwork, documentation and evidence when working together with a professional attorney who works with hit and run incidents to expedite your case to help get you the justice you deserve in less time.